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Zelaney FarmsBrian and Rachelle of Zelaney Farms would like to thank their many customers for their continued support and invite you to stop in and say hello. Brian’s parents, Albert and Natalie Zelaney, started tilling the soil on the farm in 1987, and Zelaney Farms was born. Their commitment and foresight enabled them to build and sustain their farming venture. As a fourth generation farmer, Brian has been able to see the continued importance of the farming profession throughout his life, and uses the information and lessons taught by his preceding generations to continue the family farm.

Our family-owned and operated farm is situated in beautiful Coldstream, nine miles east of Vernon, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Rich and fertile soil, along with cooler growing conditions, makes the Coldstream Valley an excellent location for growing vegetables.

Zelaney Farmers Market

We are a 20 acre vegetable and strawberry farm, focusing on growing crops responsibly, which includes integrated pest management, crop rotation and hand-weeding. Integrated pest management and crop rotation helps control pests and weeds, and aids in the growth of high quality produce. Hand-weeding our crops ensure that each crop receives ultimate growing conditions and allows us to monitor the moisture requirements of each specific crop.

When Brian's parents decided to retire, Albert told Brian that "if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you." This piece of advice has become a valuable motto, as we strive to replenish our soil’s integrity with each passing season. Fall rye is planted as a cover crop in the autumn season, and is tilled under in the spring, which adds organic matter to the soil, ensuring healthier soil and better growing conditions for our produce.

Although we are a family run farm, not all jobs are done by family members. At peak periods in the season, we hire a number of employees to pick, wash and package the produce, preparing it for market.

Our goal is to bring safe, locally produced, great tasting and responsibly grown vegetables to our customers.

We strive to provide our customers with a healthy product for their families to enjoy, as well as to educate people as to where their food comes from.