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Summer 2012

Hello All!  

It's been a crazy summer, and I havent been online to update you on the events that have been going on around the farm!

Well, we welcomed our new baby girl in June, and are very excited to have her in our lives!!!  We have been very busy with the farm and farmers' markets... The weather has been so fantastic this summer, everything has been growing beautifully!

This summer we took part in Farmer Appreciation Week at both the Kelowna and Vernon Farmers' Markets... We have handed out a 'BAZILLION' carrot snacks to the kids who come to see us at both the farm and the markets, and we are also continuing our Food Bank support as usual!

The Vernon and Kelowna Food Banks, as well as the Kelowna Gospel Mission have been receiving our spinach, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and onions throughout the season!  Anything we can't sell at the farmers market is donated to those who lack fresh vegetables... Throughout the winter months, we will continue our support by donating our winter stored carrots.

We will still be attending the Vernon and Kelowna Farmers' Markets until the end of October!
We hope to see you there!

Yours truly,
The Zelaney Family