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Do you know where to find us in the winter months?

Well, 2017 has definitely been a different year for farming... from extreme flooding and daily rain in the Spring, to drought, fires and intense heat leading to water restrictions in the Summer...

Though the weather posed challenges at times, we had an incredible growing season, and have managed to store more of our yummy Super Sweet Carrots for our winter wholesale partners!

Winter Markets 2014/2015

This winter our Super Sweet Carrots and Sieglinde Potatoes will be available at Simply Delicious on 31st Avenue in Vernon and at the BC Tree Fruits Packing House on Vaughan Avenue in Kelowna {just off of Clement Ave}.

We will be attending the Winter Market extension of the Kelowna Farmers' & Crafters' Market, which is held at the Parkinson Recreation Centre in Kelowna on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm. You can find us there on: November 22nd, December 13th and 20th, January 10th, February 14th and March 7th.

Kale Chips!

As many of you have noticed, this year we have started growing KALE!

This leavy green vegetable is high Vitmain A, C and K, is a great source of fibre, and also contains PROTEIN!

KALE can be enjoyed in salads or sauteed with lemon juice and garlic, and our new favourite way to prepare kale is by making KALE CHIPS! They are a very healthy snack, and extremely addicting.


Winter Markets 2013-2014

Well, another summer season has come to an end, and we are all closed up for the winter on our farm...

You'll still be able to find us at the Kelowna Farmers' & Crafters' Market at Parkinson Rec Centre from 9am-1pm on:
December 14th & 21st
January 11th
February 15th
March 22nd

We will have our Super Sweet Carrots, Sieglinde Potatoes and Cylinder Beets available through the winter months!

My FAMOUS PICKLE RECIPE! (it's easy too!)

It's that time of year again, and we've been doing a lot of canning to prepare for the winter months...  I have had a few requests for my pickle recipe, which is quite popular, lower in salt than most recipes, and VERY EASY!


Local means LOCAL!!!

It's that time of year again, farmers' markets are up and running, we've had our Spring rain, and it is time to plant your gardens! This weather is perfect for replanting potted plants as the cooler weather and damp soil will reduce the transplant shock to your plants!!

Spring 2013


We are busy planting in the greenhouses and out in the field, seedlings are starting to poke out of the soil, and our Farmers' Market season is back up and running!

Winter Markets - 2012

It's Autumn, the leaves are changing and another season is winding down...
We will be attending both the Vernon and Kelowna Farmers' Markets until the end of October, and we will also be at a few of the winter farmers' markets!

Vernon Farmers' Market - Annual Christmas Market: Thursday, November 8th, 9am-6pm at the Vernon Recreation Centre

Summer 2012

Hello All!  

It's been a crazy summer, and I havent been online to update you on the events that have been going on around the farm!

Well, we welcomed our new baby girl in June, and are very excited to have her in our lives!!!  We have been very busy with the farm and farmers' markets... The weather has been so fantastic this summer, everything has been growing beautifully!

Thank You!

WOW!  Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Simply Delicious on Tuesday, March 6th!  The day was a great success... it was so wonderful to see the people of our community supporting this great, local, small business.

I am sure many of those who came shopping yesterday are enjoying some of our Super Sweet Carrots today... at 20% savings, what a GREAT deal!