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Working Together To Strengthen Our Local Food System

The BC Assoication of Farmers' Markets, in partnership with the Richmond Food Security Society, are hosting the conference "Working Together To Strengthen Our Local Food System," in Steveston, BC.

The conference features an extremely impressive line-up of speakers and session topics, all centred around sustaining local food.  Rachelle is on the Board of Directors for the BCAFM, and has been working really hard with a team of fellow Board Members, to put together an impressive conference this year.

Winter Schedule

Hello All!

I hope that your winter has been relaxing, as ours has been...  Ours is over now, as we are preparing to start in the greenhouse next week - already!

We are attending the Kelowna Farmers' Market - Indoor Winter Market at Parkinson Rec Centre on February 19th and March 12th.  The market runs from 9am until 1pm.  We'll have our Super Sweet Carrots, Sieglinde Potatoes and Red Beets... We hope to see you there!


Autumn 2010

Well, the farmers' markets have wrapped up for the season...  With our last outdoor market in Kelowna this coming Saturday, we would like to thank you for your support throughout the 2010 season.

We will make a few appearances at winter markets this year.

Mmmm.... fresh sweet corn!

NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Sweet Corn (a bi-colour corn - like peaches and cream)  &  Walla Walla Onions (they're HUGE!)

Come and see us at the farmers' markets to get yours today!

Fresh Vegetables!

We are NOW displaying our FULL complement of FRESH vegetables!  

FIRST PICKING OF... Fresh Green and Yellow Beans!
FRESH Carrots, Spinach, Beets, Sieglinde Potatoes, Cabbage, Broccoli and MORE!

Visit us at the FARMERS' MARKETS or at our FARM, and find fresh veggies to put on your fork!

Comin' up soon... CORN and WALLA WALLA ONIONS!!!


Super Sweet Carrots!

Our Super Sweet Baby Carrots have arrived!  They are washed twice, and perfect for snacking!  Meet us at the farmers' markets, or at our farm store to get yours today!

Strawberries are finished for the season - but they'll be back again next June!  Hope you enjoyed them while they were in season!


Our Strawberries are now in season!  Hurry to our farm on Petworth Rd in Coldstream, or to the Farmers' Markets, to get yours today!

We grow delicious berries that are slightly smaller in size... but don't be discouraged... our small strawberries have BIG flavour!

Try Some Today!

Bedding Plants

For all who are eager to get out into their gardens, SPRING has arrived!  We will be bringing our variety of vegetable plants, marigolds and hanging baskets to your local Farmers' Markets.

For tips on tomato gardening, see our Bedding Plants page, under the Our Produce link.  There you will find a descriptive list of our featured tomato varieties, tips for growing tomatoes, and a list of the pepper varieties we feature as well.

EARTH DAY! - April 22nd

The VERNON FARMERS' MARKET is open for the season on EARTH DAY, Thursday April 22nd!
(8am - 12pm Wesbild Centre Parking Lot)

Come on down and show your support for this beautiful Earth by purchasing locally grown and made products!  We will be there with our Super Sweet Carrots and some plants to help you get your garden started...


Farmers' Market Information

Hello everyone!  We had a fantastic start to the Market Season, with our first outdoor market in Kelowna on April 3rd.  We celebrated Easter with a special festival day, and the Easter Bunny handed out 125 bags of Zelaney Carrot Treats to children walking through the market.

We will be selling carrots, parsnips and basil at the Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market this coming Saturday, April 10th, from 8am to 1pm, and every Saturday through April.