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Bedding Plants

Our goal is to help you have a garden, where you can have your own farming experience. It is an amazing thing to watch nature produce its fruit. The experience of harvesting something you have nurtured, and to taste its deliciousness, is incredibly rewarding.

Tomato PlantsTomato

We have a large number of varieties to choose from, each of which has been carefully selected to grow well in the local climate environment.

View our TOMATO VARIETIES to see a detailed list of the 16 varieties we grow.

We have many cherry type, medium, large and beefsteak tomato varieties. With so many to choose from, how do you decide? We have a vast knowledge of the characteristics of each variety.

Please visit us at our farm or the farmers' markets for assistance in choosing your plants.

Helpful Questions for Tomato Selection:

  • What size fruit do you like? Ex: cherry, medium, beefsteak
  • Where would you plant it? Ex: garden or container
  • Does your garden spot get full-day, morning or afternoon sun?
  • Will you require tomato cages or stakes to hold them up?

Take a look at our TOMATO TIPS for some helpful planting and growing information.

WHEN PLANTING YOUR TOMATO plants, be sure to break off the lower leaves from the stalk of the plant, and bury the roots and the stalk of the plant into the soil as deep as 4-8".  Doing this will give your tomato plant a sturdy base beneath the soil, as well as give it the ability to absorb more water and nutrients.  The small white fibres on the stalk of the plant are root hairs, so planting the stalk deep in the soil allows these root hairs to form roots and benefit your tomato plant.  

Pepper PlantsPeppers

Choosing a pepper variety that is right for you, will allow you to decide whether you like sweet or spicy… Be careful, the Scoville Scale calculates spice – the higher the number, the hotter the pepper.

Read over our PEPPER VARIETIES to learn some of the characteristics you can expect for each variety.

GROWING TIP 1:  Peppers like to be where it is HOT and DRY, so keep them in full sun for best results!

GROWING TIP 2:  When transplanting, be sure that you do not bury the stalk of the plant in the soil - this could cause stem-rot, which would hinder the growth of your plant - so plant the base of the stalk at an even level with your soil surface.



One of the most flavourful and fragrant herbs…  You can grow fresh basil right outside your kitchen door!


MarigoldsBolero Marigold

Did you know that marigolds have a natural defense against insects? They help to keep bugs away from your tomato and pepper plants, as some insects dislike their scent. Planting marigolds near your plants is a natural, green initiative to pest management.


Petunia Hanging BasketsHanging Basket

Our hanging baskets are filled with multi-coloured, milli-flora petunias, which stand upright to make a full dome shape over the basket.  These petunias do not trail, and are very easy to care for, as they do not require dead-heading.  We incorporated a time-release fertilizer into each basket, which means that they are low maintenance and will remain fertilized for the entire summer.  Sun requirements are afternoon sun, though full day sun is recommended.  Water when basket feels light, do not over-water, petunias will suffer in conditions with excess moisture.